Build your family history, attach stories and places to people in your past and then walk in their footsteps, experiencing the same sites and sounds as your forebearers!


Tracing Thomas St., Dublin

People have lived in the area of Thomas St. for over a 1000 years. For much of this time it has been the heart and lungs of Dublin city. Countless people have grown, lived and died here - this project is designed to trace the people of Dublin who lived on Thomas St.


Making the Past a Place - thoughts for Cong 2015

This post is written in preparation for Cong 2015 ( which takes place in Mayo on 27th & 28th of November. It represents the work of John Tierney of Eachtra & Bernie Goldbach of LIT.


Ramble through Croagh, Co. Limerick

If you drive from Limerick to Kerry you pass through Croagh. Our advice is don't. Drive through I mean. Stop, visit and ramble through the roads, boreens and lanes of the parish of Croagh.


Miner's house in the Mardyke, Tipperary

Bill Martin has been recording and publishing the history and archaeology of the Slieve Ardagh hills for the last 15 years. Yesterday as part of the Local Diaspora Fund he brought me to see the remains of the Mining Company of Ireland works at the Mardyke near Killenaule in the Slieve Ardaghs.


Death of Cornelius McTie in Kilrush, Co. Clare

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On the 20th October 1884 the death of Cornelius McTie was registered in Kilrush Workhouse. Listed as a widower and pensioner Cornelius died of pneumonia at the age of 65 years. He had been transmitted from Dublin with the aid of the Mendicity Institution in June 1882.

(Thanks to Cindy Wood & Paddy Waldron for finding the death certificate for Cornelius).

Monday, 20 October, 1884

"If you wanted a pork chop you had to go to the pork shop".

I met Mr Tony Buckley last week. He is a retired butcher and an active local historian working with the Robert Emmet Community Development Project in Usher St in the Liberties of Dublin. During our chat Tony told us something of being a butcher in Dublin city.



Transmission Records 1882-84

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©The Mendicity Institution Transmission Records 1882-1884 
Sunday, 1 January, 1882 to Wednesday, 31 December, 1884

Cunningham, Mary [b:0]

The Mendicity Institution

Transmission Book