Build your family history, attach stories and places to people in your past and then walk in their footsteps, experiencing the same sites and sounds as your forebearers!


The Mendicity Institution Transmission Books

The Mendicity Institution is one of Dublin's oldest charities, established in 1818.  During its life-span, it has always worked towards the relief of poverty in the city.


Gavin Morrissey - 6 relatives who fought in WW1

Gavin is a transition year student in Abbey Community College, Ferrybank, Co. Kilkenny. As part of a project surveying a nearby graveyard the class were introduced to simple methods for family history research and publication. Using his own initiative he then interviewed his gran and his dad and has started a folder of notes. Here Gavin introduces the story of his six relatives who served in World War 1.


Cry of the Curlew by Tommy Mooney

Tommy Mooney's first book Cry of the Curlew is a classic example of high quality local history.


Piltown Cross Ambush 2008 Memorial

Memorial unveiled in 2008 to the Nov 1st, 1920, Pilltown Cross Ambush.


Commemoration, the Piltown Ambush and Ireland 2016

When historians warn us to be careful with commemoration we must take heed. For Ireland 2016 community-based historical projects should be encouraged to aim for high quality research, data gathering, analysis and publication - a citizen researcher is envisaged, capitalising on digital toolsets to tell stories of the past in new ways. A broad community of local communities, families with their own stories to tell, historians, political activists and others will all participate in this Ireland 2016 project and it promises to be an interesting ride.


Reillys Post Office

Formerly Reillys Post Office of Martinstown, Co. Limerick.


Carey, Andrew [b:1875]

Born in 1875 Andrew Carey (also known as Gala) was a small farmer in Kilmurry, Martinstown, Co. Limerick. The father of two children he lived on into his 90s in a house packed full with his 5 granddaughters. His great age is of note as he survived being shot by a British Army/police patrol in Martinstown(in Reillys Post Office) around 1920.


My great great grandfather Andrew Carey shot in 1920

My name is Jack. My family story is about my great great grandfather Andrew/Gala Carey from Kilmurry Co. Limerick.


My great great grandfather John Maher died in the Battle of the Somme in 1916

My name is Alice and my family story is about John Maher from Graffon in Co. Tipperary. John was a private in the Royal Irish Regiment and died in the Battle of the Somme in July 1916 in a little village called Bazentin-le-Petit.