Ardmore Boat Cove

A H Poole photograph, apparently from 1900s, of Ardmore boat cove and the pier in background.

Colour added using Deoldify and digital original from http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000590462


Location of the wreck of the SS. Folia

Location of the wreck of the SS. Folia. Sunk here on 11th March 1917.


1911 Census record for House 3 Knockatoor

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In April 1911 this house as home to Michael (40) & Mary (37) and their 1 year old daughter Margaret. Patrick Lennon is listed as a 17 year old farm servant while Mary's brother, Terrance O'Brien, was also staying in the house at this time.

Sunday, 2 April, 1911

House 3 Murrays

An interesting 19th century house now in ruins. The homestead consists of a two storey farmhouse with attached servants dwelling, a carthouse and, unusually, a limekiln. A walled orchard is also present.


1901 Census Record for House 2 Knockatoor

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In March 1901 six Kielys lived in this house (James, Ellen, Thomas, Catherine, William & Margaret) along with two servants named Patrick Murphy & Bridget Mansfield.

Sunday, 31 March, 1901

House 2 Kielys

 Large farmhouse and yard probably built in the early 19th century. Refurbished in early 21st century.


1901 Census record for House 1 Knockatoor

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Home to Thomas (28), Ellen (23) and Michael Kiely (17) in March 1901.

Sunday, 31 March, 1901

House 1 Kielys

19th century farmhouse in ruins.


Cry of the Curlew by Tommy Mooney

Tommy Mooney's first book Cry of the Curlew is a classic example of high quality local history.


Commemoration, the Piltown Ambush and Ireland 2016

When historians warn us to be careful with commemoration we must take heed. For Ireland 2016 community-based historical projects should be encouraged to aim for high quality research, data gathering, analysis and publication - a citizen researcher is envisaged, capitalising on digital toolsets to tell stories of the past in new ways. A broad community of local communities, families with their own stories to tell, historians, political activists and others will all participate in this Ireland 2016 project and it promises to be an interesting ride.