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"If you wanted a pork chop you had to go to the pork shop".

I met Mr Tony Buckley last week. He is a retired butcher and an active local historian working with the Robert Emmet Community Development Project in Usher St in the Liberties of Dublin. During our chat Tony told us something of being a butcher in Dublin city.



Transmission Records 1882-84

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©The Mendicity Institution Transmission Records 1882-1884 
Sunday, 1 January, 1882 to Wednesday, 31 December, 1884

The Mendicity Institution, Island St.

Founded in 1818 The Mendicity Institution moved to these premises in 1954.


The Mendicity Institution, Ushers Island

Founded in 1818 the Mendicity Institution was originally located on Ushers Island in the building formerly known as Moira House.


Transmission Book June-August 1882

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Thursday, 1 June, 1882 to Thursday, 31 August, 1882